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The Florida Complete NFA gun trust is a robust, firearms specific trust specifically designed to meet the needs of clients who own or wish to own NFA firearms using a gun trust.  This trust contains additional language to facilitate sharing your NFA firearm at gun related events, such as the range or while hunting.  The complete trust includes detailed handling instructions as well as definitions to provide clarity to those unfamiliar with NFA firearms or firearm possession in general.  This trust is not customizable outside of the client intake form so that I can keep costs affordable.  If you wish to deviate from the intake form, my hourly rate applies.  Please read the legal agreement carefully.

This trust contains additional language to facilitate sharing your NFA firearm at gun related events, such as the range or while hunting. The Florida NFA gun trust includes detailed handling instructions as well as definitions to provide clarity to those unfamiliar with NFA firearms or firearm possession in general. This trust enables the client to update the Beneficiary Schedule, Trustee Schedule, and NFA Firearm schedule themselves without the need to incur additional attorney fees. Another significant benefit of the Florida NFA gun trust is that it includes provisions to enable others at gun events, such as ranges, hunting, etc., to use your NFA firearm under your direction. With this clause you can step away to, for example, go purchase more targets, set up a hunting blind, etc. You do not need to keep the firearm in your sight as you typically would have to per the ATF. This is an important distinction as the ATF has issued opinion letters that you must remain with the NFA firearm if you allow a friend to use it.

This trust is tailor made for firearms enthusiasts that collect and use NFA firearms and want to pass on their collection. The trust is designed to mitigate the risk of an accidental felony being left to loved ones or the NFA firearm being confiscated as contraband.

The Florida NFA gun trust also includes clear, concise language designed to ensure a smooth, legal distribution and transfer of your collection. Normal estate planning documents such as wills or trusts that are not firearms specific include certain powers that would result in the illegal transfer of a firearm.

The Florida NFA gun trust removes the traditional powers and also provides the proper detailed guidance on how to transfer NFA firearms. This version further explains what is necessary prior to the termination of the trust. This trust best suits the majority of NFA owners. Considering the sentimental value of NFA firearms as well as the significant wealth that may be associated with even a small collection, this provides significant value and peace of mind for the client.

Purchasing a NFA firearm (including a suppressor aka silencer) is a simple, straight forward process. By using a NFA gun trust, you may also be able to significantly reduce the ATF processing time to a matter of months instead of close to one year. In order to get an NFA firearm, you do the following:

  • Purchase my Florida NFA gun trust form online
  • Fill in the form in the designated areas with your specific personal information
  • Date and sign the trust in front of a Notary
  • Purchase your NFA firearm through an authorized gun store
  • Complete the appropriate ATF form (4 or 1, depending on what you are buying), which is supplied by your gun store
  • Pay the ATF tax stamp fee of $200 (or $5 if you are buying an AOW)
  • Gun store submits your paperwork (request eForm)
  • Once approved and your tax stamp is in hand, you will pick up your NFA firearm and update your trust accordingly

LEGAL SERVICES AGREEMENT:  If you do not agree to these terms, please you cannot purchase the Florida NFA gun trust form.

1. Attorney-Client Relationship. Your completion of an online order for a Complete NFA Trust establishes an Attorney-Client relationship with the Potomac Gun Trusts (Attorney) and you agree that this Agreement fully sets forth the terms of your legal representation.

2. Scope of Work and Limitations on Representation. Attorney agrees to provide a purpose-built NFA “gun trust” form called a Florida NFA gun trust, a specialized form of revocable living trust intended for your use in acquiring, holding and transferring National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms only, during life, periods of incapacity, and at death consistent with Florida and federal law.

3. This trust is solely intended for your benefit and to hold NFA firearms that can legally be owned in Florida. You should NOT execute this trust if you desire otherwise and should contact a Florida Attorney for consultation.

4. You are advised to separately execute a Will or Living Trust plan and/or such other legal instruments necessary to accomplish your estate planning goals.

5. This Florida NFA gun trust incorporates and integrates your formal estate planning documents or will rely on State law to appoint successor trustees, or, if none, on provisions of state law to do so.

6. You can amend the trust at any time; revocation requires prior compliance with local, state and/or federal law.

Upon completion of the online order and payment of the fee, purchaser is entitled to the following ONLY:

1. Receipt of a single hard copy of a Complete NFA Trust printed on high quality paper plus one additional "working" hard copy (in order to make personal copies of the trust for filing ATF forms without fear of damaging your original in the copier);

2.USB drive with an electronic copy of your Florida NFA gun trust as well as electronic sample ATF forms. This is for your personal use only (see disclaimer at the bottom of this page);

3. A list of useful links related to NFA firearms such as the website for electronic submission to the ATF via the eForms via email;

4. One LOKSAK waterproof document bag for use with the NFA Trust copy that you carry with your NFA firearm.

PURCHASER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: By completing my order, I agree to the terms as set forth above; AND I acknowledge that my trust must be dated and signed by purchaser in front of a Notary; AND I agree that I will not provide a copy of this trust, in whole or in part, for the use of any other person or entity except as set forth in my trust. Completion of my order constitutes my signature for purposes of entering into this Agreement under its terms.

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