Attorney drafted Florida, Maryland and Virginia NFA Gun Trusts*

*See All Other States or the Digital Download for states other than Maryland and Virginia

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This is a Digital Download of the Complete NFA Trust, valid in all states. 

1.  Simply fill in the designated fillable areas in the NFA Trust PDF
​2.  Print your completed NFA Trust
3.  Notarize
4.  Your NFA Trust is done and ready to submit to the ATF with your Form 1 or Form 4. 

Just make a copy of your notarized/signed trust each time you submit an ATF Form 1 or Form 4 (don't send them the Original trust as they do not return it).   

​*Only send the ATF up to and including Schedule A of your Trust. 

​Examples of how to fill out the ATF Forms using a trust are under the ATF Forms tab of this website.

​This is for the Digital Download NFA Trust only.  No attorney time comes with this.  This trust is approximately 22 pages and ensures you have a proper estate plan for your family when it comes to your NFA Firearms. 

​                   Only $79

              NO REFUNDS

​​If you are an Attorney and would like to license my NFA Trust to add to your practice, please contact me.  The NFA community is small and we need more pro-2A attorneys.